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Acclimating fish to severe pH differences?

	Kelly wrote:

	>Say you buy some fish at your LFS.  You bring home the fish in a
bag >and
	>stick your pH probe in the bag - 7.4.  Your tank's pH - 6.5.  Ouch.
	>ecall ever seeing this info on thekrib or other resources.  Anyone
got a

	Depending on how picky you are, a quarantine tank would be
	I use one and two days before I place the fish in the tank I start
	25% of the water. When I get closer, I change 50% of the water up to
	the hour before placing them in their new home. This acclimates them
	to my Ph (6.8), temperature, hardness, etc. The days of floating
	are over.

	Works for me.
	David Lorenzen