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More info on White Spot

Olga & Paul,
Thanks for the initial response to my curious white spot that has
developed in the rear of my 125 gal.  Paul, I tried my handy magnifying
glass, but since its 18" away, it is out of the focal range.  At first, I
thought the spot might have been residue left from my CO2 reactor
suction holder.
I took a small sample from the edge of the circle, it is like mucous or
something.  Anyway, the grains in the middle appear to be getting more
prevalent.  If it could be eggs, I have Malaysian trumpet snails and the
common circular ones you always get with plants, but I have noticed the
two different types of eggs from these elsewhere--not like this spot.
Olga, it is definitely adhering to the back--it isn't something that was
unintentionally dropped into the tank, and I am a bit concerned if it
could be an organism that could endanger my community.  But on the other
hand, if it's tetra or barb spawn, it would be great:-)