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Re: HO lights (was:Hornwort & anacharis don't grow)

Lewis writes:

> My tank is a thirty gallon "regular" with two 30" 40 watt HO daylight bulbs.
>  BTW, I don't see much discussion of "HO" bulbs when lighting is discussed;
>  it seems as though folks either use standard flourescents, or SHO or VHO,
>  but not HO.  The thirty inch size is perfect for thirty (or maybe 29)
>  tanks, and a pair of 40 watters is about right, too, at least if CO2 isn't
>  added.  Any thoughts?

I haven't seen thirty inch lights at all in any wattage or color index in many
years.  I had made an assumption that they were no longer being made.  I'd
like to have some for my 20-long.  As for HO's, they put out 60% more lumens
than a standard wattage bulb, but there are also standard wattage bulbs, like
Interpet Tritons and Philips Ultralumes, that also put out 45-60% more lumens
(maybe even more than that) without using extra wattage.  So that makes HOs
kind of unpopular.

Bob Dixon