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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #782

SCAYUGA writes:

>     I am presently treating a 20L planted aquarium for a BG algae outbreak.
>  I caught it before it carpeted the tank and am doing the five (5) day half-
>  dose Maracyn treatment.

Why only half-doses?  The folks who invented the stuff did numerous tests to
see what is effective.  THey did not double the dose requirement just to make
more money.

>  PH is staying around 7.0 and ammonia levels have not
>  risen, nor have nitrates.  I am on day two - at what point should I do a
>  water-change and what % ?

When the treatment has run its cycle, and the BGA are dead.  THe BGA will
disappear before it is really all gone, so finish the cycle.

>  After reviewing articles in Actwin and the Krib, I decided to not remove
>  carbon filter while treating.  Comments please.

The carbon filter will adsorb the medicine, so you probably will not get
optimim effectiveness even at full dose.

These are comments and opinions.  The debate may begin.
Bob Dixon