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Re: Tropica Master Grow??'s

Thanks for the replies regarding my problem of new plant growth being
yellow/thin. My 55 gal. tank has been set up for several years. Lighting is
2 X 55watt power compacts and 2 X 40 watt Vitalites on for 11 hours a day.
The PH is 6.8 and temp is 76F to 78F, gravel is  "standard" natural aquarium
gravel with 1 lb. of Substrate Gold Laterite formed into balls and inserted
in the gravel. I don't have an exact hardness reading, but in the past it
could be considered "moderately" hard (I'm looking for a good test
kit-recommendations?). I have no problem keeping fish- all are healthy and
growing. I don't use carbon in my filters, just ceramic "noodles", Bio-Chem
stars and foam pad (Fluval 303). Nitrates stay around 15 PPM,and  0 ammonia.
A DIY CO2 setup producing 1 bubble per second, fed into the intake of a HOT
Magnum hang on canister filter. Plants now include Anubias, Hygro, Crypts,
bought from my LFS. Over the years I have tried just about every kind of
plant figuring that what I needed was plants that were compatible with the
conditions present in my tank and figured through trial and error I would
find something that would grow well and I've always had the same problem,
yellow/light green, thin growth. Just recently (the last year) I have gotten
serious about growing nice plants and have added more lighting (the 2- 55w
PC bulbs, the laterite to the substrate, plant supplements and seem to be
getting nowhere. Recently someone responded to a news group post I did,
saying it sounds like a magnesium deficiency, but I have yet to find a test
kit for that. I am doing water changes to get rid of any residual
supplements in anticipation of using the Tropica Master grow. I always give
the tank at least 2 months to respond to a change in supplements and am
hoping that the Master grow gives me better results than the others I have
tried. The hygro I now have puts out many new leaves but they stay a kind of
yellow/light green and don't get a nice green like the original growth, the
Anubias and other assorted plants do the same. I hope I haven't rambled too
long for the list and appreciate any help from you out there!