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Re: Tropica Master Grow??'s

>getting nowhere. Recently someone responded to a news group post I did,
>saying it sounds like a magnesium deficiency, but I have yet to find a test
>kit for that.
well.... it's not difficult at all ! Total hardness less calcium content.
You will find a rough (but not so rough!) estimate of magnesium
concentration. But magnesium turnover is pretty fast, so what you may read,
doen't mean necessarily that you habe a magnesium deficiency.

>tried. The hygro I now have puts out many new leaves but they stay a 
well.... I have another idea... it's crazy but ...
I'm thinking that maybe you have a phosphorus deficiency; all that iron in
the substrate could trap phosphates into the substrate.

It's dangerous, because you can risj an algae outbreak, but why don't you
try adding K2HPO4 in very SMALL _TINY_ doses (aka 0.01/0.03ppm) in your
tank and see what happens?