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ADA substrates

>> I wrote:

>> The ADA substrate is 2 part:  The bottom layer is
>> a pumice stone mixed in with peat called "PowerSand"
>> whose purpose is to regulate to some extent the pH.  The
>> top layer is a baked clay called "AquaSoil" with neutral
>> effect on pH. Both substrances are quite porous,  which
>> provide for good bacterial growth.

> James Purchase wrote:
> According to information which I received from Hideki Higuchi,
> who is with ADA in Japan, Aqua Soil does have an effect on both
> the Hardness of the water and on it's pH.

James,  I too have heard ambiguous statements regards the composition
of the ADA substrate soils (and other products).  But my most recent
comes from a recent issue of the Tropical Fish Hobbyist  in which  Mr. Amano
writes in a short article that Aqua Soil is in fact pH neutral.

Christopher Coleman
christopher.coleman at worldnet_att.net