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Re:CDN mail order

>>Now, as for Canadians being charged duty on aquarium goods ordered via Mail
>>Order from the U.S., I've got to say that this doesn't happen any more.


Have to disagree with you, like so many CDN's do with Rev. Canada.
AT Pearson Rev Can is still charging duties. The issue here is the source of
the goods and items. If they were mfct in NA they are exempt under Nafta, if
their origin is outside North America they are not. Harmonized system.They
maybe covered under preferrend nation status or something like that and have a
favourable duty rate, but they are still dutyable.(don't know if this word
I brought in some fish from Florida and they had the gaul to charge duty on
these and I know they are not eligable for duty, I argued but for the couple
of bucks it was not worth the aggrevation.
If Rev Can is charging these in error, how about letting them know at the
Airport, or is Rev Can the same as some of those courier companies.
Maybe I shouldn't sign this, please no Audits.

John van Rompu
Toronto, Ontario