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Re: Organic Algicides

On Thu, 14 Jan 1999, Erik Olson wrote:

> Speaking of this, but slightly off-topic, I was recently approached by a
> gentleman selling "Algone", wishing to get a link to his site
> (www.algone.com) from the krib (which I don't do under general principles
> until it's been discussed places like here, so don't ask!).  Their product
> allegedly uses packets of dry "natural plant fibers" placed in the filter
> stream to reduce nitrates and "remove algae".

I recall reading - probably 4 years ago on sci.aquaria - that hay could be
added to a pond or pond filter to control algae.  I read into it a little
(just internet sources) and it seemed to be a fairly accepted practice, at
least in the UK.  "Algone" sounds like it might be an extension of that.

Roger Miller