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In a message dated 1/13/99 3:52:00 PM Eastern Standard Time, Aquatic-Plants-
Owner at actwin_com writes:

> So the Plant Products Micronutrient Mix is NTA free, while that of
>  Homegrown Hydroponics which is identically labelled and sold to many
>  people on this list contains 0.5% to 1.5% NTA. Anyone using the latter
>  in an aquarium might be worried. Since the percentages of the micro-
>  nutrients, EDTA and DTPA are identically listed, one has to wonder if
>  both mixes share the same wholesaler. In that case, the Plant Products
>  Mix would be just as questionable. 

Plant products in Canada are the manufacturer of a diversity of products and
fertilizer, They are most likely the manufacturer and not the wholesaler.
Also Homegrown Hydroponics are a retail outlet, I have been to a few and the
knowledge of the people working there is questionable, they can't even answer
the question what is rockwool made from! Plant products is not going to
release it's secrets to there retailers. Many of us don't know this but this
is an extremely competitive and secretive market. They will tell you what is
in a product as required by law, but these laws that require disclosure should
be in question.
Are we getting a straight answer ?????