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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #775

    I have a newlly planted 20L tank that has had fish in it for three years.
The substrate is 100% gravel.  The plants seem to be doing well thus far.  The
PH is around 7.0 and I keep the temp at 75 degrees.  I only have one 20W strip
light on the tank as of now (I am planning on replacing it with a double 20W).
I measured the nitrate level today and found it to be 1.0.  The tanis filtered
by a Dynaflow filter.
I also have noticed an emerald green mat of algae beginning to cover the rocks
and some of the gravel.  I haven't seen any on the plants yet.
(Cabomba,Hygrophilia, Amazon Swords,Bacopa,Wisteria). I assume I should do
about a 50% water change, stop with the iron supplement, and maintain strict
10 hr. light period per day.  Should I do anything else at this point ?