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Organic Algicides

> Just think ... put a few grapefruit seeds in your filter -- and forever
> be free of algae ... Sounds to good to be true!  :-)

Speaking of this, but slightly off-topic, I was recently approached by a
gentleman selling "Algone", wishing to get a link to his site
(www.algone.com) from the krib (which I don't do under general principles
until it's been discussed places like here, so don't ask!).  Their product
allegedly uses packets of dry "natural plant fibers" placed in the filter
stream to reduce nitrates and "remove algae".

I was curious as to what the botanist/chemist types thought of this,
whether it can really fly?  I asked the guy for some hard nitrate level
data, and got a single trial that showed nitrate of 40 ppm one day and 0
ppm three days later and throughout the following month; and corresponding
observational data describing the algae going away over the course of a
month.  Unfortunately, he didn't run a control, so I'm still skeptical.

  - Erik

Erik Olson
erik at thekrib dot com