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micro anubias(?)

> From: "Burke Harris" <burkeh at starlingconsulting_com>
> A couple of weeks ago my LFS got in a plant they called the micro anubias.
> It looked just like var. nana but was a lot smaller. The guy at the store
> said he only gets them every couple of years, thus justifying the $20 price
> for a single(tiny)potted plant. Does anyone out there know the scientific
> name for this plant or better yet where to find them mailorder for a more
> reasonable price.

My bet on this plant is that it's anubias barterii var. barterii or var.
nana.  I've never been able to determine a real difference between the
two after watching my two small A. nana that I purchased seven years ago
turn into giant versions of A. barterii that I'm now occasionally
clipping into smaller (and more numerous) pieces.

How to get small anubias?  Clip off a segment of the rhizome with no
leaves and let it grow new leaves submersed.  It will sprout a few small
leaves, and then can be sold for $20, according to your LFS.  Or, you
can wait a little while and it will look like the A. nana that you see
regularly in the stores.  If you let it grow emersed or let it get
older, it will grow larger and larger, with larger leaves (some of mine
are now about 4.5" across and 6" long on emersed specimens).  Emersed
growth is much faster and fuller, but it dries easily, and requires 100%
humidity.  Either emersed or submersed, anubias turns from "the plastic
plant that grows" to a fairly rapidly growing, flowering, very
attractive plant with a very dense root structure (submersed).

David W. Webb
Live-Foods list administrator