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Nitrilotriacetic in Homegrown Hydroponics Iron Chelate Mix

Dave Whittaker said:

>So the Plant Products Micronutrient Mix is NTA free, while that of
>Homegrown Hydroponics which is identically labelled and sold to many
>people on this list contains 0.5% to 1.5% NTA. Anyone using the latter
>in an aquarium might be worried. Since the percentages of the micro-
>nutrients, EDTA and DTPA are identically listed, one has to wonder if
>both mixes share the same wholesaler. In that case, the Plant Products
>Mix would be just as questionable. Did Cathy have a Safety Data Sheet
>to reference?

Dave Whittaker
ac554 at FreeNet_Carleton.ca

I called Plant Products again today after your posting to the APD last
night. Kathy was unavailable and someone named Jill called back. She told me
that NTA is indeed in their
chelated iron mix  in the same proportion as the "Homegrown Hydroponics"
product and that it is a byproduct of EDTA and is less harmful than it is
reputed to be. Apparently Monsanto is manufacturer of their NTA and she gave
me the !-800 # for the agricultural dept. here in Canada. They said that the
chemical comes from the US and then gave me their 1-800 #, which is !-800-
332-3111. The recorded message said that due to inclement conditions they
are out of service temporarily. I will give them another call in a few days
and try to determine  if it is toxic in the aquarium application. If someone
wanted to try and find out if NTA is a byproduct of EDTA in various
commercial aquarium fertilizers, that could shed some light on whether or
not we need concern ourselves with this.

Susan Romano