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Emersed plants and micro anubias

At 03:48 PM 1/13/99 -0500, you wrote:
>I would like to talk to someone who has experience growing aquariums with
>emergent plants growing in them. I have a couple set up that way and I would
>like to compare notes.

It's easy as, well, dirt.

I use "Organic potting mix". If they're growing outside I use straight
manure. Stick a few inches of the stuff in an aquarium and put
plants in. Works great and couldn't be simpler.

>A couple of weeks ago my LFS got in a plant they called the micro anubias.
>It looked just like var. nana but was a lot smaller. The guy at the store
>said he only gets them every couple of years, thus justifying the $20 price
>for a single(tiny)potted plant. Does anyone out there know the scientific
>name for this plant or better yet where to find them mailorder for a more
>reasonable price.

I think I have some of these. The leaves are about 1/2" (roughly 1 cm)
right? Looks like a regular A. barteri nana, right ?

$20 is a bit steep, but it's a lifetime supply. I've moved
twice since 1989 and you know what happens when you move:
rverything dies. I still have this plant growing; I got
it as a scrap of green from an LFS in about 1984. It's the
only plant (inclusing many other anubias I had) that survicved
the move. This includes sitting neglected in a dark tank
or a year in an inchof muck and surviving a frost when I
didn't bring my outdoor terrarium tank in soon enough.

Youcan *proabably* get it cheaper by mail order, but will
you get the exact plant; once you add shipping it might not
end up being that much cheaper and of course you'll have to

Spoil yourself; bu the local one.

It is one of my favorite all time plants.

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