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Re: micro anubias?

Burke Harris said....

>A couple of weeks ago my LFS got in a plant they called the micro anubias.
>It looked just like var. nana but was a lot smaller. The guy at the store
>said he only gets them every couple of years, thus justifying the $20 price
>for a single(tiny)potted plant. Does anyone out there know the scientific
>name for this plant or better yet where to find them mailorder for a more
>reasonable price.

They are Anubias bartieri var. nana and I sell my extras to the LFS
for less than US$1.00. They have trouble selling them to the public
at US$3.25. It's a great plant, and other than java fern, it's the
best investment in decorations you will ever make.

Dave Whittaker
ac554 at FreeNet_Carleton.ca