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Re: Nitrilotriacetic in Homegrown Hydroponics Iron Chelate Mix

Susan Romano said...

>David said:
>>I visited a Homegrown Hydroponics Outlet today and took a look
>>at the label on the large container from which they fill their
>>Micronutrient Mix orders. The source is listed as a company out
>>of Ancaster, Ontario (forgot the name), but the ingredients are
>>identical to those listed by Plant Products Ltd. The salesperson
>>said that he thought that the mix was supplied by the latter in
>>spite of the name. In any case I saw no reference to chelates
>>other than DTPA and EDTA, i.e. no NTA.
>I called back to Homegrown Hydroponics in Mississauga and the fellow said
>that NTA was not in their chelated iron mix. However, the woman who I spoke
>with a few days ago had read me the specs off of the Safety Data Sheet
>apparently,and not off the bulk package that the guy had looked at. I am not
>a chemist and because I've not heard nitrilotriacetic mentioned here before,
>I did a search on the net and found the warnings that I mentioned about that
>chemical. If you ask them to check the Safety Data Sheet on their Chelated
>Iron Mix it is there in a percentage of 0.5-1.5 %. The same lady at the
>store verified this information again today. BTW, I also called Plant
>Products in Brampton and Kathy in Sales said that it is not in their

So the Plant Products Micronutrient Mix is NTA free, while that of
Homegrown Hydroponics which is identically labelled and sold to many
people on this list contains 0.5% to 1.5% NTA. Anyone using the latter
in an aquarium might be worried. Since the percentages of the micro-
nutrients, EDTA and DTPA are identically listed, one has to wonder if
both mixes share the same wholesaler. In that case, the Plant Products
Mix would be just as questionable. Did Cathy have a Safety Data Sheet
to reference?

Dave Whittaker
ac554 at FreeNet_Carleton.ca