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re: snails carying algae


Hmmm, sae's not eating algae?  That's like the pope not being catholic!
(actually i've heard several accounts of this) I know that the sae's
that I have are eating the algae on the glass, bba, hair, and the like.
Makes me wonder if it is algae or some bacteria?  Plus if you do have
soft water you may wanna consider buffering it with something to raise
the Kh :)  Uhm, what is the phosphates, ph, co2, tank size, lighting
watthours and filter type?  If it is bacteria it maybe from to much
light, lack of o2 in the water.   I live close to auburn university (al)
and they have a fish section, i'll call them to see if they can do id's
on algae, bacteria and the like.  Will let you know what I find out.