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DuroTest Vita-Lite

Does anyone have any experience using DuroTech Vita-Lites? Should they look

I just bought a pair of their 5500 degree 72" 160w VHO Vita-Lites. They are
running in a custom 4 bulb light fixture with a pair of 72" VHO URI 5200
degree bulbs. The Vita-Lites seem a good bit dimmer to the eye, but it may
be because they look green compared to the URI which is slightly purple. The
URIs also have an internal reflector which seems to focus light better. I'm
driving each pair off IceCap 430s.

I guess my concern is that they do not "appear" as bright so I'm wondering
if they really are better for plants. Has anyone done any long term work in
this area?

The 4 of them are over my Dupla philosophy 225 gallon, which is coming along
nicely after a little startup algae bout a couple months ago. The 24 SAEs
have finally grown to the point that they are controlling the algae

Jon Wilson