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> Boron  (.00018%)
> Chelated Copper (.00045%)
> Chelated Iron  (.063%)
> Chelated Manganese (.00046%)
> Molybdenum (.0000072%)
> Chelated Zinc (.00046%)

I think it contain too low portion of trace element(except iron) comparing to
PMDD or Tropica Mastergrow. Too little Zn, Mo, Mn, B, Co.

> I am planning on mixing 2.5ml with 250 ml of water and dosing my 55gallon
> aquarium over a period of a week.

 According to Mastergrow's recomandation, you need 0.07ppm iron per week. I know
it depends... but 2.5ml per 55g(about 0.008ppm iron) would be fruitless, not to
speak of other elements.
 Another problem is there's no pottasium.
Unless you use pottasium-rich substrate, you need to add pottasium in your PMDD.

BTW, I improved DIY-lighting system of my small tank(30liter, 7.8g), from
3*10W(fluorescent) to 36W(biaxial PL)+2*10W(fluoruscent). Almost 8W per
gallon(small tanks need more light than bigger).
My liaeopsis starts bubbling.

Hong, Sungmin(S.Korea)