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Re: Slimy light green algae on the edges of my leaves

>From: Anders Nilsson <anders.nilsson at mbox356_swipnet.se>

>Iąm an aquarist from Sweden who three months ago set up a dense planted
>200 gallon aquaria with a substrate containing a mix of mineral clay/silt
>soil and vermiculite. Until now everything worked perfect, I have had a
>fantastic growth without any algae problems. However a week ago there was
>an algae outbreak. The algae I experience is a new one for me. Itąs slimy
>and light green, almost transparent. It doesnąt smell bad and I find it on
>the edges of the plantsą leaves especially on my Cabombas and red
>Myriophyllums but also on the Hygrophila Corymbosas. To be honest I can
>find some on every plant.
>I can remove it with my fingers and it will then float around in small pieces.
>The only fertilizer I use is a liquid German one, Sera Florena. The
>lighting consist of 4 Mercury Vapour lamps 125W each. In addition I use a
>150W metal halide 4400K lamp. The temperature of the water is 26-27â. The
>setup is not close to a window.
>I also add lots of CO2 from a tube through a reactor (diffusor). The
>filter is a wet/dry one from Eheim. I also have a homemade internal hidden
>one with a huge filter area.
>The only fishes in the aquarium are 10 Otocinclus and 20 Siamese Algae
>Eaters. There is also a Gibbiceps in the aquarium.
>Is there anyone who has an idea what is wrong? How can I get rid of this
>slimy light green algae?
My guess is that it is some kind of Spirogyra.  I assume that it is
filamentous, but not harsh or tough to the touch. If it is harsh or tough
to the touch, then it is one of the bad hair algae that is too tough for
snails or many fish to eat, except, perhaps, the Siamese algae eater or the
American flag fish.    Pond snails or ramshorns eat Spirogyra.  Guppies,
plattys, or swordtails will also feed on it.

Paul Krombholz, in chilly central Mississippi, where winter has come right
on schedule, Last night the temp. dropped from 70 to 39 in 45 minutes.