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Clay balls

During my visit to the local hardware store I discovered some pond plant
tabs for fertilizing pond plants.  Upon buying some, I discoverd that they
were too crumbly to break into smaller chunks to insert into the substrate.
So, instead, I am going to crumble one and use it to make clay balls to
insert into the substrate.

Just wondering if anyone has tried this approach?
The element breakdown of the plant tabs seemed pretty good.
I figure one tab (instructions call for one tab per  gallon of
soil/substrate) should make enough small clay balls to work on at least half
my underplanted 55 gallon.

Does this breakdown look dangerous? I know the Nitrogen looks high.
Total Nitrogen               10.0%
    5.5% Ammonical Nitrogen
    2.4% Nitrate Nitrogen
    1.5% Water Insoluble Nitrogen
      .6% Urea Nitrogen
Phosphoric Acid       14.0%
Soluble Potash            8.0 %
Soluble Manganese     .12%
Soluble Iron                   .11%
Soluble Zince                .07%
Soluble Copper             .05%
Boron                            .02%
moybdenum                 .006%

Input please?