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Re: Stand with casters (was APDigest V3 #733)

Hello Jim,

Unless you make a solid-bottom tank stand to distribute the weight
evenly over a large area, the legs will make permanent indents in the
carpet, ruining it. 

There exist retractable wheels, used on industrial carts, which you use
only when moving the item. The rest of the time they are out of the way.



> Have any of you made an aquarium stand that sits on wheels?  i.e those heavy
> duty ball-bearing shop casters?    I'm about to put in new carpet and am not
> looking forward to breaking down and moving a 30 and 75 gallon tank.  The 75,
> especially, will need to have more than just water removed.  From time to time
> it would be nice to be able to change the location of the tank as well.
> Thanks -
> Jim Kozel
> jimkozel at apk_net