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Re: CO2 Systems (in Singapore)


I don't know if it is available in Singapore, but I have been using a
"Carbo-plus" unit that comes from Germany.  It is available here from That
Fish Place in Lancaster, PA (retail plus Mail-Order House) and our LFS in
Randallstown, MD has it.

It doesn't use gas!  CO2 is produced electronically with a carbon block
reaction.  No CO2 reactor is needed as the CO2 comes off the block in a
"smoke" in the water that is absorbed before it reaches the surface.  You
don't need a Bubble Counter as you control the amount with a dial outside
the aquarium; no pressure tank; no valves or gauges; the carbon block is
replaceable -- lasts about 4 months if you use it 24 hours a day and about
8 months if you put it on a timer with your lights; the carbon block is
inexpensive (much less than filling a gas tank for that length of time) and
many other advantages.  I think that it is the best development yet in CO2
- so easy!  And, the plants love it!

If it's not available there, I'm sure that you could order it from
Pennsylvania here in the U.S.  It costs less than a full CO2 system!