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Re: Ghost Shrimp

On Wed, 2 Dec 1998, Jason Miller wrote:

> Will ghost shrimp eat fish fry?  I was planning on purchasing some
> from DADS this weekend to put into one of my apisto tanks to keep hair
> algae down, but I don't want them eating my baby apistos.

Ghost shrimp are primarily scavengers, not real herbivores.  If they can
catch fish fry (not very likely, really) they probably will eat them.  I
keep ghost shrimp with guppies and have never seen them catch a baby

In a tank where you're feeding enough to raise fry there will probably be
a lot of food around for the ghost shrimp to eat without resorting to
grazing on the algae.  I wouldn't expect the ghost shrimp to do much to
keep your algae problem down.

Roger Miller