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RE: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #681

>I've been over on the Nature Aquarium Imports (NAI), the ADA importers,
>serve to kind of check out what's happening there.  Mostly a lot of
>beginners with really basic questions.  Kind of interesting in that they
>made no attempt to suppress my putting forth APD ways of tackling the
>problems.  You may recall the recent Amano thread which I more or less
>started with the Forrest CO2 question.   It seems to me now that a few
>oddities aside the products seem to have been formulated in a pretty
>reasonable fashion.  So my question is do you think that it is possible to
>fashion a retail product line that will give good to excellent results?
>Need it be prohibitively expensive? Can it be made to compensate for the
>various water conditions around the country and world? Is it strictly
>necessary to subdivide and control each minute variable as it seems is the
>fashion here on the APD?
>One other thing, the NAI people are instituting a distribution plan that
>incorporates display and resale tanks so we can actually buy decent plants.
>They will develop a parallel distribution network with quality growers.
>There also working with Tropica to lobby the USDA. This I think may be the
>real boon to us and the hobby.
> Regards,
>Adam R. Novitt