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Re: Ghost Shrimp

>>>>> "r" == ruddigar  <ruddigar at home_com> writes:
r> Will ghost shrimp eat fish fry?  I was planning on purchasing some
r> from DADS this weekend to put into one of my apisto tanks to keep hair
r> algae down, but I don't want them eating my baby apistos.

IME, ghost shrimp will eat anything they can catch. I realized this
when a ghost shrimp caught and killed a 1 cm Corydoras habrosus! OTOH,
C. habrosus doesn't seem overly adept at avoiding predation. :-}

Something else to consider is that there are many kinds of "ghost
shrimp." I've had at least two types. Some were smaller and less
aggressive (these were almost completely transparent) and others that
were basically miniature crawdads (these had brown edging along their
"plates"). I have one "monster" that's about 3 cm long, but very
aggressive/assertive. He harrassed and killed a 5 cm Brook Stickleback
in a couple days. He now lives in a 75 gallon tank with 4 Clown
Loaches, who eventually have eaten all other ghost shrimp I've put in
this tank.

So in my roundabout way I'm saying YMMV, but I personally would not
add ghost shrimp to a fry tank.

Hope you have a very nice day, :-)
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St. Paul, Minnesota
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