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Angels spawn

To share my trial and error experience, this is a follow up about my
angelfish fries. (Thanks to the advice of Paul Kemner, Dana J. Scott,
Ronald Mills, and Reza Alamsyah) 

This morning the angels started eating up all the swimming fries, so I
siphoned all the fries that are still on the leaf into a bucket with a
hose. I did not have a tank, so I put them in a round plastic basin that
has a bottom of 12" diameter and top of 17" diameter with about 4" of
water. Most of them lie still on the bottom of the basin. They still have
their egg yolk on. I operate an air pump to introduce air bubbles into the
water on one side of the water. I also put in some water ferns tied to
small stones to secure them. I wonder if this way the fries will survive.

I took the pair of parent angels out of the community tank before I
siphoned the fries out. I put them in another tank of (17"X16"X15") with
gravel substrate, an aerator, some plants and a stone. I expect them to
spawn again there. Please, advise me.

Almost as soon as the angels above and their fries were taken out, another
pair of angels in the community tank started to lay a lot of eggs on the
surface of the same leaf where the other batch of fries has been. So I keep
the partition and wonder what is best to do next.

For the newly laid eggs: Wait for the eggs to hatch or take the leaf out to
hatch them in another place........
For the fries: What to feed them? I have no brine shrimps to get.......