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Re: Goals (Humorous ?)

      The Top Ten Reasons To have Aquatic Plants

10.  I am a botanist and, like, what else is there?

9.  I keep oscars and it gives them something to play with. 

8.  I keep African cichlids and they aren't hungry any more.

7.  I've mastered reefkeeping and I need a more challenging hobby. 

6.  I have more money than I know what to do with. 

5.  It keeps me out of bars on nights and weekends. 

4.  They look more natural than diving dogs and bubbling volcanos.
    Not that diving dogs and bubbling volcanos are bad, mind you. 

... And on a more serious note ...

3. They remove harmful toxins and excess nutrients. 

2.  They provide high oxygen levels. 

1.  They provide hiding places and shade to give the fish a sense
    of security and they make the tank look great.