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reasons to aquarize

My top goals for planted tanks:

1. Creativity outlet - so important for working people! 
This is number one for sure.

2.  Beautiful plants, arranged to create a sense of
depth and diversity that might remind one of nature. 
The plants should be robust, grow well, and show no
signs of deficiencies.  I'm always striving to make
something as pretty as T. Amano's tanks.

3.  Happy animals that breed, although I don't raise fry.
 Watching their behavior is wonderful (esp. Australian

4.  Equipment that is reliable, unobtrusive, and
functional.  I tend toward the Eheim and ADA product

5.  Plants that bubble...I like this because it's so
relaxing to lie on the floor and look up at the tank and
see the sparkle.  It's an indicator that all is well to me
as well.

Roxanne Bittman