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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #439

Bob Dixon wrote
>Some doctors have corellated aluminum cookware to Alzhiemer's.  Suggest you
>use a Brita filter, or some sort of RO/DI unit for your drinking and
My advice is that the aluminium accumulates in the Alzheimer's-affected
brain AFTER the pathology develops and is an effect not a cause. There are
still thousands of doses of Aluminium-based antacids being dispensed all
over the world with approval from most authorities.

I have collected plants and fish from around Weipa in Queensland , Australia
where aluminium is mined in huge amounts and the water runs through Bauxite
and they are as healthy as you can get. But I must say I didn't check their
short term memory ;-)


Bruce Hansen, A.N.G.F.A., Advancing Australian Aquatics.
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