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Re: Dead SAE's

>Date: Mon, 10 Aug 1998 10:22:35 -0400
>From: "Ken Guin" <kenguin at homemail_com>
>Subject: SAEs (somewhat off topic)
>Recently, all four of my SAEs died overnight for no apparent reason. I have
>other fish (angels, loaches, and corys) in the same tank that were not
>affected.  The tank is planted and has been established for about six

WOW!! I'm not alone!  It happened to me a few months ago also.  I lost
three in two days, one survived and continues to thrive today.  Angels,
Gouramis, platys, molly, octs, loaches showed no signs of any stress during
the dieoff.  My tank had been up for nine months, but had only been planted
for approximately six.

>One of the SAEs died from jumping out of the tank, which I have noticed over
>the years can happen when a fish is suffering from an ailment. However, the
>other three died in the aquarium.  Since the other tank mates are still
>doing well, I would imagine that what killed the SAEs is something that
>specifically attacks them, but the others are immune to it.

Considering how much I paid for the fish and how much I enjoyed watching
them, I spent a lot of time wondering what I did to kill them off.  During
the die off I checked pH, ammonia, and nitrates, nothing was out of the
ordinary.  Those were the only test kits I had, hence the only things I was
able to measure.

>Up until their deaths, the SAEs did not seem to have any signs of illness.
>However, after their deaths, I noticed that there seemed to be a redness on
>their abdomen - in front of the anal opening.

Mine also showed no signs of impending doom.  I would just wake up in the
morning, or come home from work to find more dead.  They even ate fine up
until their deaths. Sorry, but I didn't examine their little bodies, I just
remember that the stomach was eaten out of one before I was able to pull
him out :(

>Has anyone on the list had similar experiences with SAEs? Does anyone have a
>clue as to what could have killed them.
>Ken Guin
>Kenguin at homemail_com

Yes I have, but unfortuneatly I haven't a clue as to why.  I use DIY CO2
and at the time of the incident was very busy and had gotten lazy on my CO2
mixture.  I used to wonder if that might have been the cause.  That SAE's
were more sensitive to oxygen deprived water than others.  However I had
been lazy with making the mixture before and have been since, without any

That is my story, and all I can recall about it at the moment.
may they rest in peace...

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