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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #439

Hello Bob,

You are right, there IS a correlation of aluminum and Alzheimer's and
therefore some countries forbid aluminum cookware. However, without an
accurate analysis it is impossible to say whether drinking a particular
water, one would be exposed an increased risk of the disease. The excess
aluminum could be due to improper addition of aluminum sulphate as a
flocculant. The water-works people should know.

I do not remember what the limit is for aluminum in drinking water. Does
anybody have access to the "Red Book" -- Drinking Water Standards to
look it up?

The advice of using RO water for drinking and cooking would be indicated
only in cases where aluminum concentration is really high, because we
obtain certain trace elements necessary for life mostly from water and
the RO process removes them. Elements such as selenium, at low
concentrations, are anti-carcinogenic and thus beneficial. (At higher
concentrations selenium is a carcinogen!)


George S

> Some doctors have correlated aluminum cookware to Alzhiemer's.  Suggest you
> use a Brita filter, or some sort of RO/DI unit for your drinking and cooking
> water.
> Bob Dixon

> Alysoun writes:
> > Does this make sense, and what particular problems or benefits > > might result from a high level of aluminum?