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Re: Re: Light and R. macrandra

>Date: Mon, 03 Aug 1998 10:01:01 -0500
>From: steve rader <rader at teak_wiscnet.net>
>Subject: Re: Light and R. macrandra

>Fwiw, I recently had dark red R. macrandra crap out in 6-8 weeks
>in a newly setup 10 gal (office tank) with 4.5w/gal (3 * 15 watt):
>it's the only thing that hasn't grown.  Generic Rotala (R. indica,
>I think), Hygro, Jungle Val, two sp. Anubius, Crypt wendtii, narrow
>chain sword and some Melon-sword-like sword are all doing nicely.
>(Although the Val grows way too fast!) 
>Did my R. macrandra have *too* much light?  Other ideas?
My tanks have a huge amount of light too but Rotala Macrandra is growing
very well that I have to cut it every 10 days or so. But I had one little
tank where Rotala didn't grow very well and apparently withOUT any specific
reason, all what I noticed was that the plants were not able to make roots
and after some weeks they started starving and die.
As the setup of that little tank was identical to all the other tanks I've
had, the reason why it didn't grow must be found somewhere else. All the
differences between the tanks are in 2 things:
1) light: even if my tanks have almost the same amount of light, in the
case of that little tank I used only tri-phosphorus flurescent tubes. And I
know for sure that Rotala is one of the most difficult plant to adapt to
light, so I suggest you to go for a full spectrum fluorescent light. If you
want I can tell you the Philips and Osram and Sylvania lamps you should use
(in Italy GE is not very common, so I can't tell yoiu anything about that
2) Chloride content (Cl- ion): in that little tank chlorides were higher
than in my other tanks.

Of course I'm NOT stating that these 2 differences are the REAL cause why
Rotalda didn't grow. But this all what I can deduct from my diary and I
hope that can help you somehow.

Best Wishes,
Luca Specchio