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Large Swords

Recently, most of my Amazon Swords have started generating leaves that are
much too tall for my 110 gallon (20 inches tall) tank.  Up until now, the
Swords, which are about a year old, have remained compact and just tall
enough for the tank.  I am using VHO lights (330 watts of Aqua Suns) that
have been over the tank for eight months. I fertilize with PMDD and inject

Other plants in the tank, e.g., Anubias, Java Moss, Crypts, etc., have all
remained compact with no abnormally large leaves emerging.

Other than the Swords reaching maturity, I cannot think of any other
variables that would cause the leaves to grow so tall.  Has anyone come up
with a method of pruning or any other approach to overcome such a problem.
I guess I could take them out and replant with some of their offspring, but
that seems a little drastic.

Any help would be appreciated,

Ken Guin
kenguin at homemail_com