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Identification Book

>Can anyone recommend me a good plant Identification book, maybe with info
>on country of origin, Height, Width, Light requirements, Temperature, Water
>Preference, pH tolerance and Ease level. I am quite new to planted Aquarium
>since I am more into Reef Aquariums (odd), and sometimes when names of
>plants are mentioned, I am lost.

The best ID source is not available in English yet, although it's still
worthwhile if you're serious about aquatic gardening.  That is Christel
Kasselmann's "Aquarien Pfanzen".  Tropica's new catalog is an excellent
English language source of information, and should be available soon both
on their web site and also to members of AGA through the AGA.  

Other than those, the best source of information is still the Baensch Atlas
series.  Volume 2 has the most plants, followed by Vol. 1.  Volume 3 is a
nice adjunct, but the first two cover most that you are likely to come
across on a casual basis, and many that you won't.<g>

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Association