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I have a planted tank with a few catfish and, until recently, only few
snails. About a week and a half ago my snails, which I believe are small
ramshorns (the largest are about 1.5 - 2 cm), suddenly increased in
number about 10 fold. I have maintained a group of about 10 for more
than six months and assumed that the eggs, which disappeared shortly
after I noticed them, were being eaten. Now I have more than 100 snail
(2 - 5 mm) which I need to get rid of. Everyone suggests I use chemical
removal methods. I would prefer to try a natural solution first. My tank
contains Slender Leafed Amazon Swords. I was wondering if anyone knows,
preferably from firsthand experience but hearsay is also good, what
kinds of fish will eat the young snails and what kinds of fish are best
for eating the snail eggs. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Richard Hostler
Product Information Editor
PC Connections
(603) 423-2234