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Need advice

On Borneo, on the equator. 30 months' freshwater community planted glass
tank: l=3m, h=0.6m, w=0.4m. One side = open window in living room wall.
Other sides opaque. No lamps. Yearlong sunlight input (about 10% direct,
otherwise indirect/subdued) from top and open side. 2 Eheim canister
filters, 20l/m and 1000l/h. Substrate = 10cm sand + some gravel top. Local
ferns, mints, and imported sword(stunted), grow without treatment or
fertilizing. Feed dry fish food moderately. Little algae on glass and

Need advice about:
1. Scaping (width only 40cm)? Necessary to slope substrate?
2. Clay-ball fertilizing.
3. The possibility of keeping a healthy flourishing planted aquarium in the
tropics like mine NATURALLY without filters, aeration, lamps, CO2
injection, pH control, fertilizing, etc.
4. Any other aspects.

Jim <jim at pontianak_wasantara.net.id>