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Steve wrote:  It seems to be
a stem plant with most new growth coming in vertical, despite the bright
light.  The stem nodes do have fine root hairs, but it is not clear to
me how to get the plant to 'lay down.'  So far, the plant has not
produced the horizontal runners I was expecting.  

RB:  I've been growing this one for a little while and you can just push the stems
down into the gravel.  They will then start making horizontal stems or runners.  Don't
trim yet.

SD:  In volume 33 of the Aqua Journal there is a question and answer about
growing glosso that suggests one might trim off the vertical growth.
Amano states that an experienced aquariast might trim glosso leaves that
come in on top of other glosso leaves.  Is this the technique?  How have
you persuaded your glosso to grow horizontally?

RB:  This technique is still a bit mysterious to me, despite the apparently clear
directions.  Indeed, this plant starts to grow all over itself in a short period of time.  It
builds up quite the "thatch" situation with only the topmost leaves looking really good.  
I let mine get out of hand (to about 3in thick) the first time and then tried trimming. 
However, once trimmed, there were only leafless stems left and I wasn't willing to live
with that, though perhaps these would have produced new, horiz. runners.  Instead, I
then ended up pulling up most of it and replanting - clearly, not a low-maintenance

It has since reestablished a nice carpet.   I am feeding LESS than before (ie. only
Tropica MG at water changes - no more Jobes for Glosso!) to try to hold back the
growth.  When it starts the overlapping again, I will start pulling off the top plants
earlier this time so as to prevent growth from getting too thick.  Mr. Amanos rep in the
U.S., Art G., helped me with this.
Hope it helps.

Roxanne Bittman