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Re: tank support and C. wendtii leaves

Peter Elson wrote:

> I've just acquired a new 125g tank and stand and have begun to fill it.
> In the process I have noticed that there is a slight gap (the thickness
> of a quarter) between the tank and the stand along most of the length of
> the tank on both sides, and that the tank is only resting hard on the
> stand at each end for perhaps three inches.

I can think of two things to try.  First figure out whether the stand is
bowed down in the middle or the tank is bowed up.  If its the stand, then
you might be able to put a brace under the middle of the stand and jack
it up to level.  Alternatively, you can put a thin sheet of styrofoam (or
something similar) under the tank; it will compress at the ends and
support the tank in the middle.  You may want to paint or dye the edges of
the foam so that it isn't too obvious.

If it isn't the stand, then maybe you should consider returning the tank.

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Joe Anderson wrote

> I have recently purchased some Crypt. Wenditii, one red and one bronze.
> The red had beautiful red/green leaves approx. 1.5" wide and 4-5"
> long when i got it.  Its original leaves have since shed and new growth,
> while not unsatisfactory, is quite different.

C. wendtii are real chameleons and produce different leaves under
different conditions.  Probably the plants you purchased were grown
emersed and are growing different leaves as a response to being submersed.
You can probably expect additional changes over time as more leaves
develop.  Wendtii vary their leaf margins, shape, size, color and
blade:petiole aspect depending on emersion or submersion, intensity (and
probably quality) of light and almost certainly on the availability of

I've seen the wendtii "red" and wendtii "bronze" for sale. I figured that
they were just grown under different conditions and that under similar
conditions in a tank both varieties would eventually look the same.  Does
anyone know if that is true?

Roger Miller