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Re: New tank - physical problems

>Date: Mon, 13 Jul 1998 17:00:18 -0700
>From: PSE <pse1 at ix_netcom.com>
>Subject: New tank - physical problems

>I've just acquired a new 125g tank and stand and have begun to fill it.
>In the process I have noticed that there is a slight gap (the thickness
>of a quarter) between the tank and the stand along most of the length of
>the tank on both sides, and that the tank is only resting hard on the
>stand at each end for perhaps three inches.  I have put some 1/4" heavy

Is it an acryllic tank?  If so, that's normal.  I had the gap for my tank
also.  I did not know this when I first had it, so I made a supporting
bar across the middle for it.  Now I think that's a mistake, but don't dare
remove it because I don't want it to flex too much.  It's been in place
for over 4 years with no problem.  But I don't think I needed to do that,
it curves out everywhere anyway.