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Praecox in planted tanks

Hi Everyone,

Susan Romano was wondering about keeping Praecox rainbows in her planted
tank - she is worried that they might nibble on the plants. I have a school
of approximately 25 Praecox in my 120 gallon tank and they have been nothing
but a constant joy since I acquired the the initial pair (they breed faster
than guppies if they are well fed, although the tiny fry can be initially
difficult to feed due to their tiny mouths). I have never noticed any damage
to my plants caused by the Praecox, but then again, given how magnificient a
school of these little metallic blue beauties looks as they cruise through
the greenery, I would forgive them the occassional nibble.

B.T.W. Susan, congrats on your tank. I know how disappointed you were
initially with the condition of your plants. Glad to see that perseverance
has paid off. How would you rate the performance of the Flourite that you
are using for your substrate? What is your fertilizer/water change regeime?

James Purchase
Toronto, Ontario