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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #377

Hello Bob,

Unfortunately, citric acid contains NO IRON! NONE!

There IS an iron-citrate compound on the market, but it is just iron
chelated with citric acid. I don't know it's merits vs. iron-EDTA
chelate, for aquaculture. One thing I know, that it is a weaker chelate
than EDTA -- thus the iron is more readily available -- as a nutrient OR
to be precipitated as the hydroxide. If I am not mistaken, the
iron-citrate complex is more expensive than iron-EDTA.


George S

> Subject: Citric acid and iron
> I recently read something somewhere that left me with the belief that citric
> acid contains iron.  Does anyone know for sure, and if so, is it suitable for
> inclusion in a homemade PMDD-type regimen?  Part of the reason for homemade
> stuff, besides the cost, is adjusting the mix to my personal needs.  Since I'm
> adjusting the pH anyway, and 15% Citric acid is available for pond pH
> adjustments, it seems to me I could simply include this as an iron ingredient,
> and at the same time reduce or eliminate the sulfuric acid I'm currently
> using.
> Bob Dixon