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Re: citric acid and iron

Bob Dixon wrote:

> I recently read something somewhere that left me with the belief that citric
> acid contains iron.  Does anyone know for sure, and if so, is it suitable for
> inclusion in a homemade PMDD-type regimen?

Citric acid is HOC(CH2COOH)3.  It contains no iron, and a pure 
aqueous solution of citric acid will contain no iron.  This of course 
doesn't mean that a commercial preparation won't include some iron and I 
suppose its possible that citric acid could play some role in iron 
transport or metabolism in plants.

But citric acid contains no iron.

And while I'm at it I'll respond to something said a couple days ago in a
different post.  Chlorophyll contains no chlorine.  It contains a
magnesium atom.  chlorophyll in some regards is similar to heme (part of
hemoglobin), which contains iron instead of magnesium.  To the best of my
knowledge there are no natural biochemicals that incorporate chlorine, all
chlorine- containing organic compounds are man-made, and many of them are
toxic, carcinogenic, mutagenic or all of the above. 

Roger Miller
In Albuquerque, where we're still reeling from the emotional impact of 
two consecutive cloudy days.