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2 year project... Done! :)


Well, it is finally complete! Two years ago, I began a serious research project into the planted aquarium. Since then, I have successfully established and maintained a somewhat self-sufficient ecosystem within a freswhater planted aquarium. My goals of the project were to learn more about freshwater-planted aquaria, as well as to produce a documented report of the entire project.

Every day for 2 years, I have taken extensive notes on the aquarium, and I have logged every activity that has been performed to the aquarium. As well, I have logged personal hypothesis, as well as conclusions to “mini-projects” within the whole.

Aside from ending up with a much broader knowledge of aquaria, as well as a fantastic set of data for a research project, I know have somewhat of a printed “manual/log” of everything that has happened, including successes, failures, and exactly what I did to achieve them.

If anyone would be interested in obtaining a printed copy of my report (22 pages total), I merely ask for $10 to cover my expenses of printing, mailing, and time. Please e-mail me if you would be interested in obtaining my report.

Thanks, and have a great day! :)

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