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Re: Lighting Nomenclature??

>Hello everyone.  Just have a quick question.  What does, 'f30t12' 'f24t12
>'f40t12' refer to in the listings of catalogs about electronic ballasts?  I
>assume it referrs in some way to the # and type of bulb it can support.  I
>apolgize if this is a juvenile question.

f30t12 = 30 watt, 12/8 inch diameter

The number of bulbs supported should be listed in the ballast description.
Keep in mind also that most electronic ballasts can be used to light a
shorter bulb, as the ballast regulates the voltage to get the correct bulb
current. So with an electronic ballast you could run a f30t12 in a ballast
designed for a f40t12. Iron, varnish and copper ballasts must be matched to
the bulb diameter and length.

Use the t8 bulbs (8/8 inch diameter), as they are more efficient and you
can pack them tighter. 4 for lengths are the cheapest. A 4 foot t8 is a
little over $2 versus $8 plus for a 2 foot t8.

If you run t8 bulbs, be sure and use a t8 ballast as the current is lower
than for t12 bulbs.