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Re: George on the soap box again

Ah HA! so you admit then that the Dupla test kit is NOT in fact a GH
test kit but actually a _Calcium_ test kit and a "total hardness" test
kit in disguise (whatever the heck THAT is). Is that permanent total
hardness or total temporary hardness? AND since its a Dupla test kit,
then aren't the units therefore in German degrees? What is the
conversion factor from German to American degrees? 9/5 + 32??  ?;->

And now I suppose you are going to tell us that potassium has nothing to
do with hardness and therefore we should not be concerned about
measuring it? I guess since potassium and sodium do not affect our
ability to generate a lather, then they don't figure into the equation?

Next we'll be hearing that soap is soapier in the united states. What do
you expect from a country that gave us "As the World Turns" and "Peyton
Place"? Soap indeed...    ?;->

Steve   all lathered up in Vancouver enjoying the balmy teen temps!

PS How could I pass up the chance to get in the last word on the famous
George (not to be confused with the "other George")? Get back soon
famous George.  <:-|