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Turn off the HTML and MIME

Okay, here's what you have to do.   If you aren't 100% positive (oh heck, check anyway.  No one's that sure about much of anything) that your email program is sending email in *plain text only*,  click on all those nice buttons until you find one that says Options or Preferences (in Netscape it's Edit, then Preferences - if you need help figuring this out, email me privately and I swear I'll help you and I promise not to make a single snide comment.  I promise).   That's right, do it now.   No, don't read the rest of the digest first because then you'll forget.  I said DON'T read the rest of the digest . . .   good, now get rid of the little check mark next to "Send messages in HTML" or put one where is says "Send messages in plain text only." Good.   NOW you may post to the APD again.  

Heads will roll.   The ListMom is watching.