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Re: test kits

>Date: Tue, 07 Apr 1998 14:03:38 -0700
>From: Jim Wilson <freaks at aracnet_com>
>Also has anyone had good results with GH kits other than Lammote's GH kit
>I do plan on getting Lamotte's pH and KH kits.

You can save some bucks if you can find the Tetra GH+KH test kit.  IMHO, just as 
good as LaMotte.  Remember, "KH" is measured as total alkalinity and will 
measure other things besides true carbonate hardness. If you have phosphate in 
your water, this will also register as "KH". 

I would strongly recommend LaMotte for other tests.  Be sure to get the "narrow 
range" pH test kit - much better resolution than typical wide range kits. Ask 
for the model AG-21 if your pH range is 6.0-7.4.

The LaMotte model PHT-CM-DR hardness test kit has a test for Ca+Mg and a test 
for just Ca.  With this you can determine total calcium and total magnesium 
concentration separately.