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Re: test kits

Jim Wilson wrote:
>I know that the kits form Lamotte are superior (superior price too) but
will the following kits work?:	

I used the Seachem nitrate kit and was not pleased with it. It
requires you to judge the intensity of color using a cardboard chart.
I found that difficult to do and I wasn't getting good correlations to
test solutions I was making.

I finally bought the Lamotte kit and got a good correlation with my
test solutions. A big advantage of the Lamotte kit is the comparator
it uses to make readings. This comparator has 8 windows with vials
filled with colored solutions. The test vial with the test solution
slides into the comparator so you can make side by side comparisons
with these solutions.  I assume this comparator is part of the reason
that the test kit cost about $50 and the refills only about $16. 

Jim Spencer
Sayre, PA

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